The first novel of J. Carroll Clark's epic sequence "Where Men and Women Live" unfolds on the breezy beach locales of Southern California in the summer of '75. The narrator, a recent graduate of LA's Westchester High – and namesake of the author – can't decide which college to attend, and has forestalled his decision beyond all deadlines. His top interest is living a summer of aimlessness. But after a chance meeting at a pizza parlor, he becomes enthralled with a circle of artists and surfers in San Clemente, who celebrate him for whom they perceive him to be. Adding to mystique of the clan, he learns of a beguiling woman named Julia Valentine, whom his new friends speak of with reverence, identifying her as a doyenne to the group. Can anyone, even the elusive Julia, help him make the right choice – or might it be that his San Clemente crew is destined to become more important and transformational to him than the choice itself can possibly become?

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