From the Village Vanguard to the Keystone Korner, from CBGB to The Lighthouse, and from Big Sur to Berkeley, this stunning new novel by J. Carroll Clark, set in mid-70s New York and California, affords a front row seat to the climax of one era and the nascent moments of another. When narrator Joseph starts school in New York City, he dives headlong into the city's jazz scene and takes a lover who's not a student. After a frenzied first year, he ditches his school to chase his new interests – and new women – back home in California. But in his second encounter with college and New York, he finds that much has changed: New Wave has lured his peers away from his beloved jazz clubs; and the city's drug menace has taken a toll on his former lover. Feeling adrift, more a tourist than a traveler, he returns to California again – but he loses his self confidence almost immediately on arrival. Can his friends – and the music he loves – help him restore his sense of self?

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